Uttarakhand Flood Disaster: An Urgent Appeal for Help

Uttarakhand Disaster


Uttarakhand Disaster

Heavy rains from 14 June caused rivers in Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Chamoli and Tehri districts in Uttarakhand state to overflow. This triggered flooding and landslides. More than 5000 people are predicted to have been killed and 75,000 people are stranded.

As per the initial assessment, the immediate needs are: Drinking water, Food items, GI Sheets, plastic sheets, solar lights, restoration of road and communication links, warm clothing, Medicines, Sanitary kits and disposal of the dead (both human & animal).



Habitat’s Disaster Response Initiative

Habitat for Humanity is recognised as a leader in provision of safe housing and shelter assistance to those lacking the resources to obtain adequate housing on their own (Habitat’s previous disaster responses). Habitat for Humanity  assists communities and families affected by disasters to reduce their vulnerability to disasters by providing disaster-resilient housing solutions.

Habitat aims to assist 2,000 disaster affected families by responding in the following stages:

disaster response stages


Stage 1: Immediate Relief

Habitat will intervene in the aftermath of the disaster (over the next one month) by providing emergency shelter  and hygiene kits that comprise non-food items. These are distributed from the emergency phase until durable solutions are achieved. These items protect people from external conditions such as rain, wind, dust, diseases etc. that would otherwise impact their health. Additionally, immediate relief efforts enhance a disaster affected family’s security, privacy, dignity and livelihood.

Emergency Shelter Kits: Emergency Shelter Kits contain tarpaulin sheets, blankets, jerry-cans, buckets, Bamboo poles, and rope and hand tools. These tools will help the families to repair or convert distributed materials into physical structures to save their lives or to have privacy till durable housing solutions are derived. (Read more about the need for emergency shelter kits)

Hygiene Kits: This will benefit the families whose houses are partially damaged due to flood water, sludge and wastes. With the help of the Hygiene kits they can remove the sludge and disinfect using the chlorine powder and other disinfectants. The Hygiene kits consists of mosquito nets, hand tools, bucket, chlorine powder and Chlorine tablets.


Stage 2: Transitional Shelter

Families affected by this disaster will be provided with ‘Transitional shelter’ for about two months after the disaster so that they are able  to  live in a safe environment till a permanent housing solution is developed. Transitional shelter provides a habitable covered living space and a secure, healthy living environment, with privacy and dignity, to those within it, during the period between a natural disaster and the achievement of durable shelter.




Stage 3: Re-habilitation through Repair and Re-construction of Homes

House Repairs:  Habitat will repair and renovate the partially damaged houses and make it safe and fit for dwelling till durable housing solutions are derived.

Reconstruction of Houses: Habitat will construct permanent houses (Disaster Resistant) for those families who have lost their houses.

Disaster Resilience Communities and Construction Practices through Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives: HFH India community based disaster risk reduction and mitigation initiatives will assist communities to identify their resources and develop an active Disaster Response and Risk reduction plan for their community members. General awareness will be created on disaster resilience construction practices – promoting safe houses. (Read more about how we train communities to mitigate the effects of future disasters)



YOU Can Make a Difference in 3 Easy Steps


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Step 1: Donate Now

You can donate towards any of the three Disaster Response Stages: Immediate Relief, Transitional Shelter or Re-construction & Repair of homes.

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Step 2: Set-up a Fundraising Page
Lend your support to Habitat’s disaster response initiative by setting up your own fundraising page. It only takes 5 minutes to set up a fundraising page and share your mission with your friends and family, making it easy for you to create a big impact in a short amount of time. Your fundraising page is like your personal Habitat homepage, creating one centralized place for you to receive donations and update your friends on how you’re progressing toward your fundraising goal.

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Step 3: Help Us Spread the Word
Use your social media accounts to help us spread the word. You can share Habitat’s Facebook updates on the Uttarakhand Disaster Relief effort, Tweet about our disaster response initiative etc.
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