40 million families lack adequate housing in India

108 million dwellings are temporary or dilapidated

60% of India’s population lives in inhuman conditions

The task is huge and time is short, but with growing support from committed individuals, Habitat India has been able to initiate the rehabilitation process across the country through contributing links. You can be one of such link. Each of your online contributions will play an important part towards giving a safe and decent shelter to a homeless family.




This holiday season, GIFT ONE FAMILY A HOME

 Experience the Joy of Giving!

 After 30 years of building homes for low-income families, we know,

that having a decent place to live, creates:

 better health for families, better livelihood opportunities & a better future

At Habitat, we know, that a home is…. a family’s opportunity to have a better life.





Your fundraising helps Habitat change lives

We have big dreams for a world where everyone has a decent place to live; and we can’t do it alone. By becoming a Give2Habitat supporter, you’re showing that you won’t stand for a world where people don’t have shelter and safety. Adequate shelter is a basic human right.

Fundraising online is quick and easy

1. Create your Profile: Your profile is where it all starts. In order to do anything on you must have a profile. The reason is simple — we want to be able to show you the projects you helped fund when they’re complete. The goal of give2habitat is not only to connect you to other fundraisers, but also to the people served.

2. Start a Fundraising Campaign: Here’s where the real fun begins. Once you’re a member of Habitat, you can start a fundraising campaign, watch donations come in and see who gave – in real time. Share your campaign with friends and start as many as you wish!

3. Tell Everyone: Tell everyone you know about your campaign, but also tell them why they should join your mission! Make it personal; share your passion to change the world.

It only takes 5 minutes to set up a fundraising page and share your mission with your friends and family, making it easy for you to create a big impact in a short amount of time. Your fundraising page is like your personal Habitat homepage, creating one centralized place for you to receive donations and update your friends on how you’re progressing toward your fundraising goal. Set up your page and start fundraising now.


 Sponsor A Home

sponsor homw


Sponsor a HOME and help change a family’s life

Sponsoring a house changes the lives of an entire family comprising an average of 5 members in developing countries. But we believe it can change yours, too. Your donation will be used to build a home for a family in need. When it’s complete, you’ll get a report showing you a picture of the new home and the family that you helped.

You could also sponsor housing related items including a bio gas unit, sanitation unit and emergency shelter kit (ESK) for families affected by natural disasters.

Donation Individual Donor Category Your Donation could buy
8,10,000 Nation Builder Two Homes
4,05,000 One Homes
1,86,000 Co Funded House + Sanitation Unit + Healthy Homes (Cooking Stove + Solar Lantern) + Water
51,000 Community Builder 2 Sanitation Units
37,500 1 Sanitation Unit + Healthy Home + Water Wheel
25,500 1 sanitation unit
16,500 Guardian 1600 Bricks + 2 Cubic Meter Sand + 4 Cement Bags + 2 Windows + 1 Door
12,000 Healthy Home (Cooking Stove + Solar Lantern) + Water Wheel
9,000 2 Cubic Meter Sand + 4 Cement Bags + 100 Bricks + 2 Windows + 1 Door
4,500 Patron Water Wheel
3000 Solar lantern





 Disaster Relief Funds

disaster relief

Every year, thousands of Indians’ houses are destroyed by floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters alike. The immediate response is to help those affected to repair their houses through provision of Emergency Shelter and Hygiene Kits.

1. Emergency Shelter Kits: Emergency Shelter Kits contain tarpaulin sheets, Bamboo poles, and rope and hand tools. These tools will help the families to repair or convert distributed materials into physical structures to save their lives or to have privacy till durable housing solutions are derived. The provision of Emergency Shelter Kits will help the flood affected families to gain confidence to reconstruct their life.

2. Hygeine Kits: This will benefit the families whose houses are partially damaged due to flood water, sludge and wastes. With the help of the Hygiene kits they can remove the sludge and disinfect using the chlorine powder and other disinfectants. The Hygiene kits consists of hand tools, bucket, chlorine powder and Chlorine tablets. The families will be given orientation and IEC materials will be distributed which will show them how to use the Hygiene Kits.

3. Coomunity Tools: Basic Hand Tools for immediate use of putting up transit shelters/repair of houses on their own will be distributed to the communities (one kit for 10 families)


Gifts in Kind

Gift in-kind (GIK) include gifts of tangible property, such as computers, equipment, collections and collectibles. Corporations often make gifts in kind of their own product lines or inventory. Such donations help Habitat for Humanity carry out its work whilst giving companies the opportunity to help Habitat in a way that is related to their business. You can give items such as office equipment, stationery, water at build site, construction material etc.

To know how you can support us with your gift write to us at

Expertise Sharing

One of the most precious things to us all is your time! Habitat needs experienced professionals who wish to do pro-bono work for us. We encourage each one to donate their time and expertise to Habitat for Humanity’s cause of safe, decent and affordable shelter to all.  Your time and expertise could help free up resources so that more money could be spent on building more homes.   We welcome your expertise.

To know how you can contribute to the cause by sharing your expertise write to us at .



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