Emergency Shelter Kits


Need for Shelter Interventions:

Provision of Temporary shelter will help these families to move to their place and live in a safe environment till a permanent housing solution is developed. The affected people can regain confidence and rebuild their life with dignity. The Partially damaged houses can be repaired by removing the sludge and dust and using disinfectants to make it fit for human dwelling. Thus the initial shelter assistance will serve as a path way to permanency.

1. Emergency Shelter Kit

Habitat is proposing two shelter assistance intervention models to the affected population. In the first shelter intervention plan, Habitat will provide Emergency shelter kits to 1000 families to build safe living environment.

Why Disaster Response Shelter Kits

Are flexible and immediate in solution.

The items provided in a Shelter Kit can be combined with existing materials such as

timber, bamboo and metal roof sheets to construct temporary shelters according to need, or used to repair damaged houses.

An alternate solution to camps.

Taking also on lessons learnt from disaster camp sites where diseases and infections breed quickly and women face greater vulnerabilities, families have the choice to repair homes to a degree that make dwelling safe

Are fast and simple to deploy during emergency

The shelter kit consists of commonly available items. The packaged Shelter Kits can be simply pre-positioned in global, regional or national warehouses and can be readily deployed without requiring specialist handling. In the field, individual Shelter Kits can be transported by recipients by hand if required

Support local shelter solutions

The materials provided can be reused if the households need to relocate or construct more permanent homes, and the tools will remain of use as the households upgrade or maintain the houses.

Community Tools

Basic Hand Tools for immediate use of putting up temporary shelters/repair of houses on their own will be distributed to the communities (one kit for 10 families).

2. Hygiene Kits

The second intervention is to provide families with Hygiene kits. This will benefit the families whose houses are partially damaged due to flood water, sludge and wastes. With the help of the Hygiene kits they can remove the sludge and disinfect using the chlorine powder and other disinfectants. The Hygiene kits consists of hand tools, bucket, broom, chlorine powder and Chlorine tablets. The families will be given orientation and IEC materials will be distributed which will show them how to use the Hygiene Kits.



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