Community based Disaster Risk Management

The importance of a prepared community
The incidences of natural disasters and consequent complex emergency situations are on the rise in the past decade. The communities that are living in areas prone to natural disasters are vulnerable to risks and hazards. Human settlements bear the brunt of the negative impacts of natural disasters, requiring long time and more resources to come back to normalcy. Habitat for Humanity India, through its Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation program aims at assisting communities living in vulnerable areas to build their capacities and work together to increase their resilience.

The Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation efforts help communities to identify vulnerabilities and the factors contributing to the vulnerabilities. Many of the vulnerabilities identified by the communities found to be related to Poverty, livelihood, unsafe buildings and lack of resources.

Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives involve, the various steps taken to decrease the consequences of an event including measures of Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness and Response. Till date, HFH India has helped more than 29,000 families from the Disaster Prone areas to strengthen their capacities to mitigate and recover from disaster impacts.

Community Based Disaster Risk Management Activities:

Orientation and Capacity Building

With a prelude on various types of disasters in the world and India, community members are trained in Village and Schools DMP, DRR, Emergency Operation, Disaster Management Committees at the Village Levels, School Safety and Trainings to School Children and Teachers etc.

Developing Disaster Risk Reduction Plan

Habitat team members enable the community to create a DRR Plan for the entire village  through PRAs and PLAs

Mock Drills
The Fire and Rescue Services Department personnel are mobilized by Habitat to conduct mock drills on DRR in all the villages and schools. Through these training programmes, the ways, means and the using of local resources in fighting the fire, flood and other hazards are  demonstrated by the Fire and Rescue Services personnel.

DRR & Preparedness programme in Schools
The School Safety programme in all the 15 schools with the participation of the school children and the staff had helped in identifying the most vulnerable areas in the school and also the evacuation routes, the resources available at the school for combating disasters and hazards had been collected by the students themselves and the plans had been drawn accordingly.

Training programme on Hazard Preparedness for School Children
Through the programme Habitat trains students and teachers on Hazard Preparedness.

CB Training on Early Warning, First Aid, Shelter Management Teams
The whole concept of Disaster Risk Reduction heavily relies upon the various Teams formation at the village level to minimize the impact of any disaster/ hazard. The formation of Early Warning Team, Search and Rescue Team, First Aid Team, Relief Team, Vigilance Team and Children Protection Team and training the team members in the activities of each team is therefore conducted.

Disaster Risk Awareness and Preparedness Program for Families living in 10 villages of Kattumannar Koil Block, Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu State, India is a new Project implemented in Flood prone areas in Cuddalore regions of Tamil Nadu. The Project assisted 2500 individuals to equip themselves with Disaster Risk Reduction concepts and to take active part in mitigating and responding to disasters in a proactive way. The project was funded by Habitat for Humanity International and the Habitat for Humanity India implemented the Project with support from REAL an NGO working in this community. Click here to view the full report


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