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India is a disaster prone country.  During the past two decades, India has witnessed several natural disasters. The geographical location, land characteristics, multiplicity of rivers and monsoon climate render India exposed to different kinds of natural hazards. It is ranked 11th position in the disaster index as a country facing multiple natural Hazards. Out of the 35 states and union territories, as many as 27 are disaster prone states. Nearly 59 % of India’s land area is prone to earthquakes of moderate to high hazard. 12 % of the land is flood prone and 8% is high cyclone prone areas. The long coastline is exposed to Tsunami, tidal waves and storm surges.  2% of the lands are landslide prone areas. Drought affects nearly as much as 68% of India’s land area.  Climate change poses a new threat and increases risk and vulnerability of communities. Although the magnitude of these changes may not be seen openly or their indicators may not be significant they could substantially increase the frequency and intensity of existing climatic events such as floods, droughts, cyclones etc. Read more

Impact on Shelter

The occurrences and gravity of natural disaster and complex emergencies are increasing and thereby causing adverse impact on the shelter, likelihood and human lives lost etc. Disasters destroy decades of human efforts and investments thereby placing new demands on society for rehabilitation and reconstruction. Disasters affect the rich and the poor alike, but, the impact of the disaster is more on the poor as they struggle to recover from the loss and need absolute support to start a new lease of life. When the shelter is destroyed people are displaced from their homes and eventually their livelihood is also affected.

HFH India’s Response to Disasters

Habitat for Humanity is recognised as a leader in provision of safe housing and shelter assistance to those lacking the resources to obtain adequate housing on their own. Habitat, because of its skill, experience and reputation, is in a position where it can make a significant contribution in pre and post-disaster situations. Habitat for Humanity through its Disaster Response initiatives can assist communities and families in building their capacities to reduce their vulnerabilities to minimise the impact of hazards and provide housing solutions to help families to construct disaster-resilient houses. Disaster Response is an integral part of the Mission of Habitat and will respond whenever and wherever disaster strikes.

Program Intervention Areas:

Habitat for Humanity India has a long term shelter intervention plan that ensures sustainable development of the communities affected by the disasters.

Provision of Emergency Shelter Kits: An Emergency Shelter Kit (ESK) contains tools that will help people to repair or convert given materials into physical structures to save their lives / and to live in a safer place and to have privacy till durable housing solutions are derived. This immediate shelter assistance will help families to instil confidence to negotiate for permanent shelters. Read more

House Repairs:  Habitat will repair and renovate the partially damaged houses and make it safe and fit for dwelling till durable housing solutions are derived.  The affected people can regain confidence and rebuild their life with dignity.

Reconstruction of Houses: Habitat will construct permanent houses (Disaster Resistant) for those families who have lost their houses. Habitat will work with the Corporates, Institutions and Foundations for raising the needed resources and volunteer support.

Disaster Resilience Communities and Construction Practices through Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives: HFH India community based disaster risk reduction and mitigation initiatives will assist communities to gain knowledge & identify their resources and develop an active Disaster Response and Risk reduction plan for their community members. General awareness will be created on disaster resilience construction practices – promoting safe houses. Read more

Read more about Habitat India’s responses to disasters in the past.


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